Ministry & Missions Fair

September 4, 2008 - One Response

Sixteen groups participated in the Ministry and Missions Fair. Here is a pictorial account and some facts and figures of the two Fairs.

In the words of the Chairperson of the Fairs, Charles Tiong –

” Praise the Lord, we are overwhelmed of the reponses to the various ministries opportunities in the Kingdom og God. ”

The Short Term Missions Collected RM327 during the Fair. One volunteer was registered.

The Longhouse Ministry registered 19 helpers while the BumiMas Ministry (National Service) registered 8 helpers.

19 responses to the Evangelism Team with 9 new team members and 10 to attend training courses. 11 applied to be new members of the Church. 6 transferring their membership to Wesley. Three infant baptism and one adult baptism. One registered as trainer for the membership committee.

22 members registered to help in the Maids Fellowship with 2 new maids registered to come to the Fellowship.

Boys’ Brigade recruited one bible teacher while Girls’ Brigade registered three new helpers and four new girls. 28 members responded to be helpers in the Sunday School. The Youth Worship added to its strength with eight advisors and five youths.

Social Concern Committee has 7 new workers.

13 registered to serve in the Hospitality Ministry as welcome team members. Added to the audio/visual team are 4 new volunteers. 14 will brew more coffee after the worship services!

6 will be added to the Prayers’ Group and 3 in the praise and worship team.

43 volunteers would be building low cost houses for marginalized group in the Habitat Ministry.

32 would be joining the Alpha Course with five facilitators and helpers each.

14 would take part int he 3-years course for Men only. 19 couples to join in Parenting studies.




August 19, 2008 - One Response

组长: 杨函英











Before I lived in uncertainty as I don’t understand what is worth living for. Now I know I am God’s workmanship, created to be part of his master plan for all of us. What is more worthy to live for than living for God.

Sharings/Testimonies from our young ones

August 19, 2008 - 2 Responses

When I read day 27th from the book of 40 Days Of Purpose. I learnt that you don’t defeat temptation by fighting the feeling of it. The more you fight a feeling, the more it consumes and controls you. So the quickest way to neutralize its allure is to turn your attention on something else.

I sometimes face the temptation of playing computer games (Maplestory). I kept on thinking about it, so I ended up playing. Now, since I have to face UPSR this year end, so I cannot play computer until after UPSR.

Next time when I face temptation, I will stop thinking about it and go to study or read a book.

Josiah Tie.
12 years old
15th of August, 2008.

Hi, I am a member of youth cell group. I am very happy to share with you guys how much fun I have in the youth cell group ! We learn the 5 purposes in life. After attending this cell group, I feel that I am closer to God! I have made new friends in the youth cell group! When i have problems or feel like talking to someone, I can find trusted friends in the group to share. Then we pray together. Most importantly, I can enjoy delicious food after every gatherings and I love it !!!!!!!! I hope that more youths can join us and enjoy the fellowship while we all walk this journey together.
Ynes Tiong

Hi, I’m one of the youth cell group members at Oliver’s.

I feel myself new after joining this 40DOP. I’m glad that Jesus has given me a very important lesson through this journey. I’ve learned to have faith in Jesus Christ our Savior. Besides those experiences and faith, I also met many new friends in the cell group.
Nikkie Siang

My New Found Love For God

August 12, 2008 - 4 Responses

By Grace Ngieng

Oh God,
As I look at your face
I long after your soul
Your love for me is beyond my comprehension
And I marvel at my relationship with you.

Going through the 40 Days of Purpose
I discover a new dimension about my being
I am here to worship you with my whole life
I am formed for your family
I am created to be like Christ
I am shaped for serving You
And I am made for a mission.

Oh God,
Thank you for creating me
Thank you for giving me this family called Wesley
Thank you for your Word
Indeed your truth has set me free.

I now love you with a passion I never know before
I can hear your voice calling me
Wooing me
You know my deepest wound
You understand my hidden hurt
With your Hand embracing me
Healing comes to me
And I become whole again
Now I fear no more
Knowing you will always be there for me.

Fellowship Night (Hosts and Facilitators)

August 2, 2008 - Leave a Response

(from Daniel Cheng)

Dear friends

We are now at the half way point of the Campaign.

As such, the Campaign Team requested that all our 40 DOP’s hosts and facilitators (both English & Chinese groups) to meet up for a fellowship night in the Chapel on the 11th of August at 7:30pm. Those groups that meet on Monday nights are to make alternative arrangement for that particular week.

The purpose of this gathering is to mutually encourage one another in our serving together. I have often marvelled at Paul. When writing to the Roman christians, he told them how he was longing to see them so that they may be encouraged by each other’s faith. He certainly understood what fellowship is. He did not take pride of his apostleship but acknowledged that the ordinary christian folks in Rome had contributions to make in the advancement of his faith. Likewise, if we are to make progress in our faith, we need to come to the same conviction as the apostle Paul. We all have contributions to make to one another’s faith journey no matter what leadership position we hold in church or even if we are just an ordinary church member. So come to encourage and be encouraged.

We are also thinking to throw some ideas at you for what we have in mind after the Campaign. We would love to hear your feedback before any concrete decision is made.

I am encouraged by some of you who in spite of the small turnout, continue to meet nonetheless week after week. Remember where 2 or 3 are gathered in the Name of the Lord, He is present. The Lord will bless the gathering no matter how small is the crowd. Our duty is to remain faithful in the Lord’s work and leave the result in His hand.

As you may know already, the Celebration Sunday falls on the evening of Sunday, the 24th of August. Those groups that meet on Sunday evening need to make separate arrangement for your gathering in order to complete the final lesson. Remember also to inform sis Tracy Lee before the 12th on the number of tickets you want for your group.

See you come 11th of August.

Together in His love


Finding My Purposes of Life

July 29, 2008 - 7 Responses

Sharing at the pulpit on Sunday, 27th July 2008
By George Ha

George Ha & Princesses at the Simulcast, Wesley40DOP

I was born in a “so-called” Christian family. My parents attended church since they were young through the missionaries in their respective villages. When I was young, I went to church whenever my parents went. Besides attending Sunday services once in a while, I knew nothing about God. God was just a myth to me.

I first invited Jesus into my heart when I was in Form One, through an evangelical message during the religious period in Methodist Secondary School. Since then, I attended Sunday Services and MJYF. However, there was no change in my life for many years. I was just like a wild sheep. I was attached to God whenever I needed Him. I wanted God to suit me.

Therefore, I believed that “My life is good and smooth-sailing”. I believe that I was just a normal person. Grown up without financial burden; pursued good education; found a nice and good looking girlfriend; married; had children and the prince and the princess live happily forever. I believed that God was good to me and life was within my control.

When I first came back to Sibu about 5 years ago, George Lau tried so hard to invite me to his cell group. He called me every week, visited me at my office and even delivered study materials to my office. I still didn’t really attend because I didn’t see the need. Thank God that without him, I might still be lost. But today, he doesn’t have to ask me anymore. Rather, I will ask him why if he stops the cell group meeting.

What I said was in the history. Why so? What on earth am I here for, if life is so smooth-sailing and nothing happened? It’s like coming to this earth to enjoy or honeymoon.

I chose today to share here because, at this moment of last year, I was actually preparing a funeral for my 3rd third, Florence, whom she was called home on 26 July 2007. Some of you may still recall my sharings in Connection, if you did read.

What would be your reaction if you learned from a pediatrician that your child had serious medical problem and required immediate attention? About 3 years ago, when my little daughter was just about 50 days from birth, it was like a lightning striking me when my wife and I heard that our daughter was suffering a life-threatening symptom that required immediate medical attention.

When I was driving home after bringing her seeing a doctor, my wife and I didn’t talk a single word, besides tears running over our face. My mind was blank; my purpose on earth was lost. I could not accept a baby looked completely normal and was born at full pregnancy term and normal weight, yet her liver function was not fully developed. Even the doctors could not explain why. And there is no solution with advanced medical technology today. I didn’t understand why God gave me such a trial?

The little girl underwent a corrective surgery, but she was not one of the successful ones, which left liver transplantation to be the only option to prolong her life. Prolong life is different from success. Even if she survived through major operation of liver transplantation, she would still require a life-long medication and constant medical follow-ups. Yet, she her life would be unpredictable. She could live extra 5 years? 10 years? Only God knows. The life-style of our whole family would be affected.

For almost 2 years, my wife and I, and our parents, had been searching for all possibilities trying to save her earthly life. We asked everyone we came across. Nobody could save her. We couldn’t travel far. Everything we did, we needed to consider her conditions. Finally, she only lived for 25 months.

From human point of view, it is sad that she only lived for such a short period, but in God’s eyes, she had lived enough for God’s purpose. When my wife shared with a pastor recently, the pastor told her that the little girl has accomplished her mission. That’s why the Lord took her home. Six days after she was called home, her two older siblings dreamed of her living happily in heaven, without illness. One even dreamed that someone looked like Jesus gave her milk. Yes, her mission accomplished.

Looking at the bright side, isn’t it good that she only had to suffer for 25 months to accomplish her life on earth? Most of us, if not all, are still suffering on this earth because we have not accomplished God’s purpose for us.

What’s the little girl’s mission? Her mission is to transform lives. In the midst of the trial, a friend knew about my trial and gave me this book, The Purpose Driven Life. I read through like just another book. I didn’t understand the purpose of life at that moment because I was still in the wilderness of struggling.

When our church was embarking 40DOP, I took out this book and skinned through again. I noticed the purpose of the little girl’s life. Her life purpose was “giving herself to be used for His purpose.”(Warren, R., p. 56) And she did it in biblical way, “Use her whole body as a tool to do what is right for the glory of God.” (Roman 6:13b, NLT) This is the first purpose of life, according to Rick Warren – Worship. God created her, she was for His pleasure. Then, she used her whole body as a tool to glorify God. As parents, because of her, we are getting closer to God, and we found the true purpose of worshipping God.

Fellowship – We were formed for God’s family. She was baptized and attended Sunday School, until the doctor advised us to minimize her exposure to germs due to her low immune system. Indeed, because of her, all of us enjoy the fellowship in God’s family throughout the world. We received prayer supports, advice and comfort from many parts of the world.

Discipleship – We were created to become like Christ. My wife told her Bible stories, prayed with her, listened to Spiritual songs and taught her to call “Jesus”. Because of her, my wife and I, as well as our parents are learning to be more like Jesus.

Ministry – We were shaped for serving God. Because of her, today I dare to challenge myself to lead a group of 40DOP. Because of her, my wife and I began to serve in church ministries.

Evangelism – We were made for a mission. What is God’s mission to this little girl who only lived for 25 months? To transform her parents! The title of Day 6 is “Life is a temporary assignment”, her mission accomplished and therefore God called her home. Since then, we kept sharing with people how God transformed us through little Florence.

Although humanly I felt sad, truly the most painful moment in my life, I felt peace in my heart. I have done what humanly could do. Colossian 1:16, “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible….everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.” Roman 11:36 (LB), “Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power, and everything is for His glory.” Proverbs 16:4, “The Lord has made everything for His own purpose.”

Without going through this trial, I would still be a wild sheep, running here and there without knowing what the purpose of life is.

Today, I am serving in the Men’s Ministry because I saw the needs. The moment my daughter left us, my wife had a group of sisters praying and crying together with her. As for me, man supposed to be tough and not to drop tears. I really needed a shoulder to lean on and cry, but I didn’t have one. My mind was full of anxieties, yet empty. People called me to express their condolences, but no one could provide me a shoulder to lean on at that time. For Men’s Ministry, we hope to develop the relationship among men. We share with each others in sincere hearts, not just superficial kopitiam talks. I wish one day I can be a shoulder for those brothers in need.

In conjunction with Men’s Ministry, like buy one get one free, I also get involved in Million Leaders Mandate. God found me in this purpose which I have been trained, but never thought of where to practise.

Another ministry which we are in the experimental stage and believed it’s a must for today’s world. That’s Family Ministry. The world is getting more and more complicated and our burden to nurture our children is getting heavier.

Lastly, although my life today has not been completely changed, I am looking forward to becoming more like Christ! At least, I love my family more and willing to serve within my gifted abilities and capabilities. I sincerely hope that all of us are able to find your purpose of life and serve in the respective ministries through this 40DOP.

Psalm 119:19 (TEV), “I am here on earth for just a little while.” So, catch the moments!

Talking to My Friend

July 25, 2008 - 4 Responses

By Michael Tiang

Dear Heavenly Father,

I was overjoyed when I came to the 12th day of my 40 days journey with You. I was surprised that You actually want me to have straight talk with you about all my feelings and faults. I didn’t expect this to come from You, the Creator of heavens and earth! I can’t even imagine there would be a day in my life that any head of a state, like Sultan or Prime Minister, would ask me to have straight talk with him, let alone a straight talk request from You. I was even more flattered when i found out that You want me to talk everything to You for only one reason – YOU ARE MY FRIEND!

The Lord of lords and the King of kings is my friend!!! How can I sleep tonight, Father?

Now Father, I want to have straight talk with you:

Abba Father, I am broken. Completely broken. I thought i know myself better than anyone, including You. For so many years, I tried to “operate” myself without referring to Your user guide – the Bible. I was so proud that there were several times I broke the “warranty seal” on me to try to fix myself. Praise the Lord, my foolish attempts did not render Your “warranty” void! Your “product warranty” will never expire! You are prepared to receive me anytime. You are an amazing Maker! Only You satisfy me! Yes, Father, I am broken and I acknowledge that You are my Maker. You made me. Only You know what I was made of.

So, Father, my Maker, fix me – a broken product sent back to You for Your repair!

Father, my Maker, please take me back to You. I pray that You will not only fix me, You will use me for Your purposes! The purposes You had for me even before You made me!

Oh yes, Father, I have another honest request for You:

Could You please hug me like every father does it to his child?


Michael Tiang

Keep Looking Up!

July 25, 2008 - One Response

From Daniel Cheng, Small Groups Chairman

Dear friends,

I want to take this opportunity again to thank you for signing up as a host and/or a facilitator for the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign. For me, I am thankful to the Lord for putting into the hearts of so many of you the willingness to be counted for His Kingdom. To apply the lesson of week 2, this act of offering, namely, the opening up of your homes, the caring of the members in your group, the preparation of the study questions and so on, is your spiritual act of worship. It is worship that brings pleasure to the Lord. May the good Lord continue to meet all your needs according to the riches of His grace as you avail yourself to serve Him.

Many of you are hosting and facilitating a group for the first time. The prospect can seem rather daunting at first but I believe the experience thus far in your small group has allayed that fear somewhat. However, should you require assistance of any kind please do not hesitate to call any one of us. We are in this together and will continue to support each other.

We will also like you to know that you are in our prayers. If you have not noticed it already, the pastors have combined the Thursday night prayer meeting. We are focusing on the needs of the Campaign. I want to encourage you to come and join us in praying together for the Lord’s work. The sooner we realise our need of God in our serving, the better it is for us. We can plant and we can water but the Bible says it is the Lord alone who gives growth. If we want to see fruitfulness in our work and fruits that endure then we must come before God to declare our need of His grace and ask Him to bless His own work.

By the way, there are a few practical matters I need your kind assistance.

Encourage your members to share what they have learned in their own spiritual journey over these six weeks. It does not have to be a full page of written testimony. A line or two will also suffice. The objective of this is to celebrate the work of God in our midst. Send it to either Judy Wong by e-mail ( or leave a copy of it in the Church office for her collection.

Since we are on the subject of celebration, the Committee taking care of the Celebration Sunday requests all groups to submit in a group photograph to them as soon as possible. Please mail it digitally to either Tracy Lee ( or Christina Ngui ( They will arrange them for presentation during the Celebration event.

One final thing. You can now start paying to the Church Office for the monies you collected from your members for the sale of Rick Warren’s book. Please also return any leftover/unsold copies of the book to the Church office.

Thank you again for co-working with us in this Campaign.

Keep looking up,


First step to allowing God to touch their lives

July 21, 2008 - One Response

We had our first meeting at my house last night (20/07/08). All eleven members on my list turned up. In fact there is one name on the list that we are not able to contact before last night but he turned up much to our surprise. Not all the members on my list are familiar to me There are two non believers and three new believers in my group. I am not sure how much they can gain from the session but by being there (in the small group) is actually the first step to allowing God to touch their lives. It was encouraging to see them take notes and shared openly about their opinion on life purpose last night.

I am glad that I am able to host a small group in my house. I had just moved in to this house recently (less than two months). When God blessed me with this house (May), I promised to God that I will open up my home for brothers and sisters, whether it is for cell group or for other needs. Shortly after my prayer, Wesley Church is announcing about the 40 days purpose campaign and inviting for hosts. I had to confess that I did not respond immediately because I am afraid that I might not be a good host. But eventually I took up the courage and sign up to be a host.

Well, after last night meeting, I ruled out all doubts of being a good host. Space had been one of my concerns but last night everyone manage to find a comfortable corner in my small sitting room. The refreshments must be okay too because there were no leftovers.

Sharing from a host
Sandy Leong

Planned for God’s Pleasure

July 20, 2008 - One Response

Pix & Words: PhyllisWong
Our first purpose in life is to worship God. Worship is our response to God’s love. Worship is giving back to God.

Enjoy how the various groups in Wesley Methodist Church expressing their love to God –

Thoughtfully – with their minds
Passionately – with their hearts and souls
Practically – with their strength

Lt Kong Mee Lin sharing the with about 80 girls in Girls’ Brigade (aged 13 to 17) at their Saturday weekly meeting.

Worship is focusing my attention on God. The girls listening attentively and thoughtfully.

Worship is using my abilities for God!

Rev Dr Tiong leading those on duty in a dedication prayer asking God’s leading before the Sunday Worship Service.

The Liturgist for 7:30 am English Service, Charles Tiong, also the person in charge of Ministry and Missions of 40DOP.

The worship leaders, Betty, Sie Hui and Francis

The congretation

One of the choir members

The pastor-in-charge, Rev Dr Tiong

Youth Worship Service

Offering to God

Oliver leading in the prayer for Youth Worship Service

Thomas Ling sharing about “worship” to the youths

WMC Chinese Choir presenting the anthem ‘PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE ‘ during the service (photo by MAF)

The Chinese Service at 9:30 am

Children worshiping the Lord led by Debbie

Debbie, our Sunday School Teacher, also Girls’ Brigade Officer

Watch this video and be amazed by how the young ones learn to memorize their weekly bible verses –